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KPOP Idols and Their Abnormal Sleeping Habits

by Chankeun Shin March 21, 2013

With the numerous amounts of variety shows, talk shows, and radio broadcastings KPOP idol groups go on, it's only natural that a good number of secrets are discovered and spread to the public. The most interesting secrets of all consist of the sleeping habits of the idols we love. We can all see how they act during the day, but what about at night when they're tucked away in their dorm room beds?


Without further ado, allow us to sneak into the only place Idols have privacy (although they don't have much anymore) their sleep!


F(x)'s Victoria - During a television broadcasting, fellow member Sulli revealed an experience that had occured one early morning. "One morning, I was getting ready to go to school when I came across Victoria and became really shocked. She was sleeping with her head on the floor and her legs on the bed, and even with her eyes open! Scared, I asked her if she was sleeping, but she gave me no response and just kept sleeping." I'm not sure how that position would be comfortable or good for Victoria's back, but hey, if that's how she likes sleeping than I'm not one to judge.


Miss A's Suzy - Although Miss A's Suzy is one who is pretty much a model of beauty and femininity, that's definitely not how it is in her sleep. It's been revealed on the September 28th episode of MBC's "Radio Star" by Suzy herself that she often re-enacts anything that's happening in her dream in real life. This is definitely on of the most interesting sleeping habits I've ever heard of.


B2ST's Junhyung - Fellow member Doojoon revealed during a fan meeting that is actually very scary sleeping next to Junhyung because the member often tends to rap in his sleep. Although I can see why this would be pretty creepy at night, it just goes to prove how much effort and dedication Junhyung puts into rapping.


SHINee's Minho - Many of us enjoy sleeping in on lazy days, but the most we ever go to is perhaps 12 or so hours. I believe my own personal record consists of 16 hours, but it doesn't even compare to Minho's record of 48 hours of straight sleeping. Minho revealed on a variety show that during the summer he stayed over at his friend's house, and after a long day of playing soccer he went to bed early in the evening. The next time he woke up, he was confused and extremely hungry, and when he went downstairs his brother stared at him and asked him where he had been for 2 days.

* The video can be watched here 


Kara's Jiyoung - Apparently, Jiyoung doesn't simply have only one sleeping habit, but several of them which are enough to drive her members crazy. On KBS's "Happy Together Season 3" all the KARA members ratted out Jiyoung's irritating sleeping habits. Fellow member Seung Yeon revealed that "Ji Young would sometimes sleep walk and she would wake up on a different bed. When we sleep we would just suddenly wake up because she would sleep on us." This prompted Nicole to share her story of Jiyoung, which was "I could not fall asleep because of Jiyoung's snoring. It would be very loud and sometimes I will become very impatient and stomp on her bed. Jiyoung would also grind her teeth when she goes to bed and it would be so annoying I would scream."


SHINee's Taemin and Super Junior's Shindong - Not only do these two KPOP idols share the same company, but they also share the same sleeping habit. It's been revealed by their members on separate occasions that the two idols have a habit of stripping themselves of their clothes at night. For Shindong, it's gotten to the point where he doesn't even bother wearing clothes to sleep.


Super Junior's Kangin - Like Miss A's Suzy, Kangin tends to re-enact his dreams in real life as well, although his take a more violent approach. His screams would consist of "Do you want to die?!" and "You, stop there!" and the other sayings you would find in a typical action movie. 


Mblaq's Lee Joon - It's been revealed that often enough, Joon is capable of sleeping in any place he can manage to get some shut eye. His list of weird areas slept in consists of closets, the floor, the stage, and even the bath tub! Although I can't possibly imagine how any of those places would be comfortable, it doesn't seem like Lee Joon has any problem with them. 


KPOP idols sure have a wide variety of weird sleeping habits! I've never heard of habits that consist of sleep walking into somebody else's bed, or re-enacting dreams in real life, but I guess this is just what makes our KPOP idols so much more special!


by Baekstarr



Chankeun Shin
Chankeun Shin

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