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5 Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Seoul Korea to Enjoy the Spring Blooms

Cherry Blossoms in Korea: When and Where to See Them

As spring arrives in South Korea, so do the beautiful cherry blossoms! This beautiful spring flower, Aka sakura, cherry blossom, is called "beot-kkot(벚꽃)" in Korean. 

If you're lucky enough to be in Seoul during spring season, make sure to check out these five amazing spots to see many cherry blossom trees, fantastic cherry blossom festivals, and spring flowers in Seoul South Korea. 

Are you ready to enjoy cherry blossoms in Korea? To do so, let me make answer your wonder about the cherry blossom festival and cherry blossoms in Korea.

Then, take off to Seoul for some cherry blossom viewing.

full blooming cherry blossoms on Gyeonghoeru Pavilion Lake of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul Korea

What month is the cherry blossom in Korea?

The best season to see cherry blossoms in Korea is from late March to early April when the king cherry trees are in full bloom.

Korean cherry blossoms petals falling season is in mid-April also recommended, if you want to watch the spectacle of cherry blossom petals of Korean cherry tree falling and swirling around like huge snowflakes.

The flowers only last for a few days, but they are definitely worth seeing. In Korean, this cherry blossom festival period is called 'beot-kkot season(벚꽃 시즌)'.

Due to climatic change, cherry blossoms in South Korea's blooming dates vary from year to year. There is a variation of 3-4 days, as long as 2-3 weeks, and cherry blossoms in Korea may bloom sooner or later than usual.

So Koreans frequently consult the forecasts from the Korea Meteorological Administration in early March. This South Korea national weather service predicts the blooming date of all the cherry trees in Korea and spring flower bloom dates for each region every year.

Koreans are accustomed to checking the calendar of cherry blossom festivals in each area to plan suitable spring flowers blooming events ahead of time.


When can I see cherry blossoms 2022 in Seoul?

On March 28, 2022, cherry blossoms are anticipated to bloom in Seoul.

Cherry blossoms are anticipated to be visible across Korea from March as blooming cherry blossoms occur up to two weeks earlier than usual.

Cherry blossoms in Korea are expected to reach their peak in early April. For more details, you can check in our other post about 2022 cherry blossoms and the spring flowering season in South Korea.

Pink South Korea Map, 2020 cherry blossom blooming date in Seoul Korea, infographic map cherry blossoms in Korea

What is the easiest and fastest way to get to Seoul Cherry Blossom Festival?

The quickest and easiest approach to visit the Seoul Cherry Blossom Festival Spots is by taking the Seoul Subway Metro Line. The Seoul subway, which is also popular with first-time visitors to the city, is well-known for its low cost, security, cleanliness, and speed.

The Seoul subway is one of the most convenient ways to get around town and it can also take you to some beautiful cherry blossom locations. We'll show you how to use the Seoul subway to get to cherry blossom trip locations as well.

a train is entering the cherry blossom tunnel in full bloom Gyeonghwa Station in South Korea


Where can I see cherry blossoms in Seoul? 

The cherry blossoms in Seoul are magnificent. Here are 5 cherry blossom spots you should visit if you're in Seoul South Korea.

Koreans are known for working hard and having little leisure, but during the Cherry Blossom Festival, they always find time to go.

It's impossible to spend any time in Korea without seeing the flowers bloom in the beautiful spring season. I hope you may enjoy life's beauty while watching cherry blossom petals fall such as snow from a cherry blossom tree, too.


Come on, let's go enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms! 

Here we go to the Seoul Cherry Blossom Festival Best 5 Spots!

The Top 5 Cherry Blossom Dating Sites in Seoul, South Korea

1. Seokchon Lake: Iconic Hot Spot of Cherry Blossom Seoul

This lake is one of the best sites to see cherry blossoms in Korea. The lake is surrounded by beautiful king cherry trees, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. 

The Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Seoul. The festival celebrates the blooming of cherry trees around the lake. When this large cherry blossom festival, the long cherry blossom path occurs surrounds the lake, filled with pink and white blossoms and its petals. 

Visitors can enjoy performances, food, and drinks while admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms. The festival is a great opportunity for locals and tourists to come together and enjoy the spring season. 

The cafe street on Songridan-gil right next here

There is also an alley called Songridan-gil nearby, which is full of restaurants and cafes. You can enjoy delicious food and a romantic walk while admiring the cherry blossoms and spring flowers. 

Olympic Park is another great place to see cherry blossoms in Seoul. It's not far from Seokchon-ho, so you can easily visit both spots in one day, after enjoying the lake cherry blossom festival.

Along the Seokchon Lake full cherry blossoms with Lotte Tower and Lotte World in Seoul Korea

Enjoy Lotte World and Lotte Tower together

Lotte Tower and Lotte World are both located near Seokchon-ho. Lotte Tower is a beautiful skyscraper that is perfect for admiring the cherry blossoms. The tower has an observation deck that offers stunning views of the city. 

Lotte World is an amusement park that is great for families. The park has a variety of rides and attractions, as well as a large shopping mall. Visitors can enjoy the cherry blossoms while riding thrilling roller coasters or shopping for souvenirs.

The easiest way to get to Seokchon Lake according to the locals

Now! Let's go to Seokchon Lake, which is full of cherry blossoms. As I said before, take the Seoul subway first. Then...

  1. Get off at Jamsil Station(Songpa-gu Office) of Seoul Subway Lines 2(green line) and 8(pink line).
  2. Take exit 3, Go straight 200m and you will be in front of the crosswalk at Seokchon Lake Intersection.
  3. Cross the crosswalk and turn right 100m and you will be in front of the entrance to the west lake of the Seokchon-ho.

Mission Complete! Enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms.

Let's look up Seokchon Lake on Google Maps to see where it is. Click 👈


2. Namsan Dulle-Gil: Spring of Seoul N Tower, Filled Cherry Blossom Trees

If you're looking for a lovely place to view cherry blossoms in Seoul, look no further than Namsan Dulle-Gil.

The views from the top of the hill are spectacular, and you can forget all about the hardship of the climb when you're surrounded by these beautiful trees. 

Hiking the Cherry Blossoms Mountain in the middle of Megacity

This picturesque path winds its way up the slopes of Namsan mountain and is lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees.

This attraction is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike, and it's easy to see why. The views are simply gorgeous, and there's a lot of history and culture here to soak up too. 

Best of all, it's not too touristy, so you can really enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. So if you're looking for a romantic springtime getaway in Seoul, be sure to check out Namsan Dulle-Gil! 

Make sure to stop by Seoul N Tower on Namsan Dulle-Gil

The panoramic views of Seoul from N Seoul Tower, one of the best spots in the Namsan Dulle-gil course, are simply breathtaking.

At night, the city is lit up in a dazzling array of colors, and it's a sight that you'll never forget. The tower is located on Namsan mountain, so you can enjoy wonderful views of the cityscape from every angle. Whether you're looking to take in the sights during the day or at night, Seoul Tower is definitely worth a visit!

You can reach it by taking the cable car up to Namsan Tower(Seoul N Tower), or alternatively, walking from Dongguk University Station or Myeongdong Station. It is difficult to walk all of Namsan Dulle-gil, so choose the Northern Ring Road or the Southern Ring Road to walk.

If you want a unique and unforgettable experience where you can feel the panorama of the modern city and nature full of cherry blossoms and spring flowers, be sure to add Namsan Dulle-gil to your list! 

How to get to Seoul N Tower comfortably according to locals in Seoul

We go on an expedition again. Conquering all of Namsan Dulle-gil is wonderful, but let's put off this wonderful hike for a moment, as we still have many great spots to go to enjoy cherry blossoms. 

Let's go to the symbol of Seoul surrounded by cherry blossoms, Seoul N Tower!

As you already know, the best way to travel in Seoul is by subway. Take the Seoul Metro, then...

  1. Get off at Chungmuro ​​Station on Seoul Metro Lines 3(orange line) and 4(blue line).
  2. Go out through exit 2. Right in front of Exit 2 of Chungmuro ​​Station, there is a nice yellow 02 bus stop that will take you to the top of Namsan Mountain. wait and ride the 02 bus.
  3. Get off at Namsan Seoul Tower Station. Most of the bus passengers get off here, so it's easy to follow.
  4. After hiking for a little 300m, you will arrive in front of Seoul N Tower, where you can see the entire city of Seoul at a glance.

Awesome, you did it! It is at the top of Namsan Mountain. Let's find out later and put it off for a while about 101 ways to hike Namsan Dulle-gil by foot...

Anyways, enjoy the feeling of conquering the top of Namsan Mountain and cherry blossoms in Korea.

Let's use Google Maps to see where Seoul N Tower is. Click 👈

Seoul N Tower with pink cherry blossoms blossoming and Namsan Tower in the clear blue sky in Seoul, South Korea.

3. Seoul Children's Grand Park: Harmony of Cherry Blossoms, Happy Children, and Full Other Spring Flowers

If you're looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to feel cherry blossoms in Seoul, look no further than Children's Grand Park. This lovely park is located right in the middle of the city, making it easy to get to, and is home to hundreds of cherry trees.

The best time to visit is in early April when the king cherry tree is in full bloom. In spring, sit under the cherry trees and enjoy a picnic. Cherry trees filled with white cherry blossoms are lined around the lawn, making it a great place to take great photos. 

The Best Park for the Family Picnic, a Joyful Pleasure Ground, Zoo, and Beautiful Blossoms

The park is a great place for a picnic lunch, with plenty of open green space to spread out a blanket and relax. After lunch, take a stroll around the park and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

After the picnic, it's time to head to the zoo. If you have kids with you, they'll love checking out the zoo, which is located inside the park.

There's also a small amusement park inside the park and food vendors, making it a great spot for a family outing.

Seoul Children's Grand Park vs. Seoul Grand Park

Because of their similar names, 'Seoul Children's Grand Park' and 'Seoul Grand Park' are often mixed up.

However, Seoul Grand Park, which has the name 'Seoul,' is in Gwacheon City, Gyeonggi-do rather than Seoul.

The 'Seoul Children's Grand Park,' which is in Seoul and open to the public for free, is distinct from the unlike - Seoul Grand Park.

Cherry Blossoms, Spring Flowers, Buds, Children's Spring Harmony Park

The Seoul Children's Grand Park is a national park that is designed for children and costs nothing to enter.

It's a good place to have picnics with children, family, and lovers to see cherry blossoms and many other spring flowers like a secret garden in the city center.

Many kindergarteners went on picnics in the spring before Covid-19. It was a warmhearted place filled brimming with kids' laughter, blooming flowers, and budding plants every spring.

Always all the time, cherry blossom occurred again in this spring, and please dis-occur and disappear Covid-19.


An easy way to get to Seoul Children's Grand Park according to Koreans

Here we go! heading to Seoul Children's Grand Park to see the cherry blossoms and take amazing photos. 

If you've read the above, you already know. When going somewhere in Seoul, 'Take the Seoul Metro!'. And then...

  1. Get off at Children's Grand Park Station on Seoul Subway Line 7 (khaki line).
  2. Get out through Exit 1. Go straight 50m.
  3. You will see a Korean-style building with a nice tiled roof on the right. That is the main entrance of Seoul Children's Grand Park.

If the Seoul subway you are on is Line 5 (purple line) or the easier subway line to transfer to Line 5...

  1. Get off at Achasan Station of Seoul Metro Line 5 (purple line).
  2. Get out through exit 4. A wonderful tree-lined road will spread out in front of you.
  3. Go straight 200m. This is the rear entrance to the park.

 Check out Google Maps to see where Seoul Children's Grand Park is. Click 👈


4. Yeouiseo-ro (aka. Yunjung-ro), Yeouido: Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival, A Must-see Course For Spring Flowers

For those of you who are looking for a lovely cherry blossom viewing spot in Seoul, look no further than Yeouiseo-ro (aka. Yunjung-ro) in Yeouido!

The trees along this street are in full bloom and create a beautiful pink canopy overhead. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in Seoul during the springtime. 

Next to cherry blossoms trees road Yeouido Hangang Park on Yeouiseo-ro, Yunjung-ro, Seoul, Korea

The Spot, you can enjoy the cherry blossom road and Yeouido Hangang Park at the same time

There is the picturesque road that runs along the banks of the Han River and Saetgang Park, with magnificent views of the cherry blossom trees in bloom.

The lovely tree-lined streets and river backdrop make for a perfect backdrop to enjoy these beautiful flowers. It's always crowded during cherry blossom season. 

Yeouido: the best place for lovers to see the cherry blossoms in Korea

Also, don't forget to visit Yeouido Park in the immediate vicinity. it's a fantastic location to unwind while appreciating the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

Consider visiting Bamdokkaebi Night Market or Yeouido Food Stalls if you want an exciting evening activity; they're both nearby and have a wonderful variety of food and beverages. 

Yeouido is one of the most popular places to see cherry blossoms in South Korea. The Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the events in Korea that Seoul citizens and tourists wait to see cherry blossoms.

Every year, people from all over the world come to Yeouido to see the beautiful flowers in bloom. Yeouido Spring Flower Festival the international flower festival, the cherry blossom marathon, cherry blossom concert, street performances, and various events are also held around Yeouido.

Yeouiseo-ro(aka. Yunjung-ro) and Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Roads are very crowded.

One thing to keep in mind is that Yeouido can get quite crowded during the cherry blossom season.

So if you're looking for a more peaceful experience at these Korean spring festivals, I'd recommend visiting earlier in the morning or later in the evening.

And don't forget to bring your camera - the views are simply amazing! 

How to get to Yeouiseo-ro, where you can enjoy the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival and the Korean Cherry Tree

Now, imagine you are taking the Seoul Metro to go to see cherry blossoms in Korea. Follow me...

  1. Get off at Yeouinaru Station on Seoul Subway Line 5 (purple line).
  2. Take exit 2 You will see Yeouido Hangang Park next to you.
  3. Go straight for 1.5km. It's a bit of a long road to walk for about 20 minutes, but it will be a pleasant walk because you can see spring flowers such as azalea flowers, royal azaleas and canola flowers on Hangang Park next to you.
  4. Go straight and pass the Mapo Bridge intersection, and you will see an incredible number of cherry blossom trees waving to you with full cherry blossoms on each branch.

Great job, Arrived well! Here is THAT place. The Cherry Blossom Road of Lovers on K-drama. 

If you're one of the Korean drama fans, you've probably seen these kinds of Korean spring scenes of cherry blossom view at least once in a Korean drama or movie.

Let's use Google Maps to plan our route to Yeouiseo-ro ahead of time. Click 👈

5. Seoul Forest: The Hot Spot, Full of Cherry Blossom Petals, Filled with Seoul Trend Leaders

If you're looking for a breathtaking cherry blossom experience, look no further than Seoul-Forest. This large park is one of the best places in the city to see these beautiful flowers in bloom.

If you're lucky enough to be visiting during cherry blossom season, you're in for a real treat. You'll find plenty of photo opportunities among the stunning scenery. The trees here are covered in beautiful pink and white flowers, and it's a sight that must be seen to be believed. 

Take a break at Seongsu-dong Cafe Street when you are tired of walking cherry blossoms.

When you're ready for a break, there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops nearby in Seongsu-dong.

Additionally, if you're up for a short drive about a 10-minute drive away, Eungbongsan Mountain is an excellent option – the entire mountain is blanketed in gorgeous forsythia blooms. 

Seoul-Forest: The Lovely Place To Visit In All Four Seasons

Did you miss the cherry blossom season? Don't be sad. This forest park is exciting in all four seasons. Even if you can't make it during cherry blossom season, there's still plenty to see and do.

The park is home to a variety of different plants and animals, making it the perfect place for a nature walk. And if you're looking for something a little more exciting, there's also a small amusement park located in the park.

Seongsu-dong: The Town of K-pop Celebrities and Trendsetters

If you're in here at the right time, you might see K-pop performers and K-drama stars strolling about. D Tower, which is near the entrance of this park, houses SM Entertainment's headquarters. 

Furthermore, Seongsu-dong, home to Seoul-Forest, is one of the most fashionable districts and the coolest streets in Seoul right now, leading the trend.

So whether you're a nature lover or thrill seeker or trend leader, Seoul-Forest is definitely worth a visit. 

A herd of deer under the cherry blossoms in full bloom in Seoul Forest, Seongsu-dong, Seoul

Flower Deer and Flowering Cherry Blossoms

Before leaving Seoul-Forest park, There is a place where you can meet herds of deer, so please stop by.

In Korean, deer are called kkoch-saseum(꽃사슴) meaning flower deer. It is so named because the deer's body form resembles a flower. In this park, with the full blooming of cherry blossoms and lots of flower deer, harmony is awesome.

Deer have inhabited this park since before it was established in this area. These deer are now under the care and protection of the Seoul Metropolitan Government in this park.

The simple way to get to Seoul-Forest by Seoul Metro, according to locals in Seoul

Now! Imagine, you are on the Seoul Metro to see the cherry blossoms in this Park, which is full of plum blossoms and the largest cherry blossom petals of the king cherry blossom tree. 

  1. Get off at Seoul Forest Station on the Suin-bundang Line (yellow line).
  2. Get out through Exit 3. Go straight for about 100m and you will arrive at the intersection of Seoul-Forest Entrance.
  3. Now, you can see a large white Korean(Hangeul, Hangul) sculpture of Seoul-Forest(서울숲) opposite the intersection. That's the entrance. Cross the road and enter the park entrance.


Let's look up the location of Seoul Forest on Google Maps. Click 👈


How to Enjoy Cherry Blossom Season in Seoul South Korea

If you're looking for an amazing cherry blossom viewing experience, Seoul is the place to be. And if you're lucky enough to be in Seoul during cherry blossom season, you're in for a real treat - the entire city is covered in gorgeous pink and white flowers.

There are plenty of photo opportunities among the stunning scenery, so don't forget to bring your camera!

Additionally, there are plenty of things to see and do in Seoul even if you can't make it during cherry blossom season.

Korea Cherry Blossom Tree Blooming Cherry Blossoms Waving Petals Blue Sky Like Snow 알트 Pink cherry blossoms cover the spring blue sky in Seoul Korea, petals are falling in the wind like snow

Now, close your eyes for a second and picture yourself walking down a street in Seoul, where cherry blossom petals are falling like snow. I hope you could feel the happiness and ecstasy of the cherry blossom landscape in Seoul for a while by this post.

It is an honor to share the lovely and enjoyable sensation of cherry blossom season in Korea with you.


Thanks for reading :) 

I hope you had a wonderful day and thanks for sticking around.

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