Bingsu: The Refreshing Korean Dessert You Will Love
Korean Soul Food, Summer Dessert Bingsu!

Bingsu: The Refreshing Korean Dessert You Will Love

What are some of the best summertime desserts in Korea? Have you heard about BINGSU? There's no way to describe Bingsu's gorgeous appearance and flavor without mentioning it. Let us explore the fascinating realm of Bingsu that will please all five of your senses!

What is Bingsu made from?

Bingsu, also known as Bingsoo, Korean shaved ice, is a dessert made with shaved milk ice and sweet toppings. It is a popular summer treat in Korea and can be found at most cafes and restaurants. There are many different variations of bingsu, but most commonly it includes sweetened red beans, fruits, syrups, and nuts.

Bingsu, this dessert is so good that the only word for it is "brilliant." It appears to be beautiful and then tastes even better. A delicate, fluffy snowlike shaved frozen milk base is first. After that, everything from ice cream bars to cake pops has added to the top of it. There are several variant flavors of this dessert, but you may count on not being able to finish it alone. This dish should be shared with others.

korean summer soul food dessert bingsu traditional flavor patbingsu

What country is Bingsoo from?

The Bingsoo aka Bingsu is from Korea. Shaved ice desserts have been created in a variety of countries throughout the world for hot summer. It has changed and developed according to the traditions of each nation. In Korea, such shaved ice dessert has developed under the name 'Bingsu' or 'Bingsoo'.

Bingsu, a popular Korean dessert, has a long and fascinating history. Bingsu first appeared in Korea during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). According to records in 'Annals of the Joseon Dynasty,' there is 'Seobingo' the government office in charge of the royal ice warehouse. And royal family, nobility, and Seobingo officials enjoyed shaved ice foods that were finely crushed and combined with fruit.

One winter in the 1910s, collecting ice to be stored in the 'seo-bing-go' in the frozen Han River, National Folk Museum of Korea, CC BY 

It was originally a simple dish of shaved ice with sweet red bean paste, but it has since evolved into a more elaborate dessert with a variety of toppings.

There are many variations of bingsu. But they all have one thing in common, their texture. All proper bingsu is a very fine blend of ice or frozen cream. Unlike shaved ice in other countries, you can’t feel the granules. It is shaved to a texture similar to snow so you can't feel any granules. Soooo Soft 😮


Various Types of Bingsu, You Must Try

There are various forms of Bingsu. They have a lot of different flavors. You'll be hard-pressed to choose your favorite among them. Let's go on a journey to the colorful and flavorful planet Korea of Bingsu.

In this post, we'll go over the many varieties of Bingsu, starting with the top three most popular in Korea.

No.1 Pat Bingsu, Strength of Tradition

The most favorite varieties of traditional Bingsu include the Patbingsu, which is a shaved ice with red beans. Pat-bingsu is the traditional form of Korean shaved iced. It's often garnished with Anselmi-tteok, aka Korean rice cakes, and features a sweet red bean paste as an ingredient. 'Pat' is the Korean pronunciation of sweet red bean.

The more injeolmi tteok is added to a traditional patbingsu, the injeolmi bingsu it becomes. Injeolmi Bingsu is a variant of Patbingso with extra injeolmi tteok included. Korean people adore injeolmi tteok, also known as Korean sticky rice cakes, which are full of fragrant soybean powder.

Injeolmi bingsu is a "Patbingsu" with toppings of injeolmi tteok and roasted soybean powder. The flavor would be comparable to peanut butter but in powdered form. It has a wonderfully nutty, creamy texture that makes it one of Korea's most popular flavors.

No.2 Mango Bingsu, One Top Rising Star of Fruit Bingsu

The popularity of the fruit bingsu is unrivaled all year round, and there are a variety of fruits. The diversity of fruit ripens with the seasons, and the tastes of this snowy dessert change as well. Bingsoo desserts may be used on any fruit imaginable. Strawberry, Melon, Mango, Kiwi, Banana, and Watermelon The majority of the fruits you're familiar with can be utilized in Bingsu recipes in Korea.

Among them, mango bingsu has become the most popular bingsu in Korea today. To determine where they can make the more exquisite and expensive mango bingsu, luxury hotel patissiers in Korea are competing.

The mango bingsu has a very sweet and tangy taste to it. It is a great dessert for those who are looking for something refreshing and sweet. The ice is very smooth, and it blends well with the mango syrup that is poured on top of it. The mango bingsu is also loaded with fresh, juicy mango pieces, which give it an extra burst of flavor. 

No.3 Unique Bingsu, The Creative Idea War of Cafes

There is a plethora of distinctive and innovative bingsu in Korea. It's as if dessert shops and cafés vie to see who can create the most unique creation.

Jjajangmyeon Bingsu of Sweet-and Cafe in Daegu South Korea


Okdom Bingsu of Scubas' Cafe in Jeju Korea


Galaxy Bingsu of JW Marriott Hotel in Seoul Korea

Bingsu near me, Where to Get Bingsoo!

If you are in Korea

You may try their distinctive shaved ice at most dessert shops and cafés on the street if you are fortunate enough to visit Korea during the summer season.

For a franchise, Sulbing is a famous bingsu chain in South Korea. They have many different kinds of bingsu, and regularly add new additions to their menu. Sulbing is one of the best places to try the dessert, as the portions are huge and they add many things to their desserts.


If you're outside of Korea

The Sulbing Bingsu franchise chain is extending its operations worldwide. If you're in the neighborhood of a 'Sulbing' store, it's the best and most trustworthy place to try Korean shaved ice.

But according to reports, as the popularity of 'Sulbing' grows, fraudulent brands that mimic it appear in many countries. So, you need to check it out with googling before you visit it.

Is there a Koreatown near you? There's bound to be a delicious bingsu shop. If you don't have a Koreatown near you, check out your local Korean grocery market. You might be able to find all of the ingredients you need to make bingsu at home!


Bingsu Recipe, Easy and Simple Way to Feel the Summer of Korea

Bingsu, Bingsoo! I'm going to show you how to make it easily at home. Don't be sad that there is no Bingsu shop near you. Here's an easy-to-follow Bingsu recipe. Make Korean shaved ice at home without the use of specialist equipment or machines. Feel the summer days in Korea at your house, and have a good time with your bingsu!


  • 2 cups milk (17 oz)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
  • optional toppings: Anything you like can be toppings of bingsu
  • recommended toppings: sweet red beans paste, injeolmi tteok, roasted soybean powder, syrups(choco, vanilla, mango, strawberry, etc.), fruit, whipped cream


  1. Place milk, salt, and condensed milk in a plastic zipper bag for food and seal it tightly. Shake the plastic bag to mix the contents well.
  2. Freeze this in the freezer for about 7 hours or overnight.
  3. Remove it from the freezer once it has frozen solid enough to become a block of ice. Tap this ice block with a rolling pin over a closed plastic bag to give it a sherbet texture.
  4. In a bowl, add the sherbet textured bingsu base from a plastic bag.
  5. Create your own style bingsu by using your favorite toppings on top.
  6. Have a nice bingsu time. 😋 mas-iss-ge deu-se-yo (It means in Korean, Bon appetite!)

Bingsu Recipe Card

how to make korean shaved ice bingsu recipe card

Bingsu Playlist

You learned about bingsu, and now you have a fantastic bingsus recipe. Fantastic! I'd like to show you a list of exciting bingsu K-pops that will go great with your happy bingsu time. Bingsu is a popular summertime Korean soul food. Let's make your soul chill out with this bingsu playlist. Check them out and enjoy!

  1. 'Kong Tteok Bingsu' of AKMU  
  2. 'Shaving Ice (Pat-bingsu) of Jong Shin Yoon with J Rabbit 
  3. 'Shaving Ice (Patbingsoo)' of Jong Shin Yoon 

Enjoy Bingsu

Korean desserts are some of the most delicious in the world. Whether you enjoy a classic shaved ice dessert or something more unique, there is sure to be a bingsu that will tantalize your taste buds. If you're unable to travel to Korea to try these desserts firsthand, don't worry! Many of the best shops are expanding overseas, so check out your local Koreatown for the perfect bingsu experience. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not try making bingsu at home? With this easy recipe, you can enjoy Korean soul food right in your own kitchen.

So try it today and savor the taste of Korea!

Thank you for reading :)

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