How to Celebrate Korean Parents' Day in Style
Ways Koreans Enjoy Parents' Day on May 8th

How to Celebrate Korean Parents' Day in Style

Korean Parents' Day is on May 8 every year, of course in South Korea, not in North. It reminds you, the Mother's Day. That's right, it's the same date. Is there Mother's Day in Korea? No, there is separately no Mother's Day in South Korea. Then you'll also wonder, 'Does Korea celebrate Father's Day?' No, there is only Parents' Day in South Korea. Instead, Korean make fun and big celebration evens for both parents, mother and father on Korean Parents' Day.

Unfortunately, Parents' Day is not a national holiday in South Korea. Many Koreans feel that Korean Parents' Day should be a public holiday.

What do Koreans do for Parents' Day?

It's a day to express gratitude for parents' grace! In Korea, most children write letters to their parents and give them gifts on this occasion. It is even more essential to wear a red carnation on the chest of one's parents. Because the crimson carnation has the flower language of appreciation and respect, it is an important part of the custom.

Koreans love to give gifts and events that are unusual, exciting, and emotional. There are many interesting and entertaining present ideas for Korean Parents' Day as a result.


Koreans' Fun Ideas for Gifts on Parents' Day

Koreans value practicality, therefore they prefer receiving and giving actual cash as gifts. However, simply passing out money does not appear to have any feeling, warmth, or ingenuity to it, so Korean must find another method of packaging them. As a result, Koreans love utilizing various creative and unusual ways to wrap gifts.

There is a good cash package idea, the Money Fan! You know, the flex wind is cool and happy:)


Only flowers are no fun. So Koreans wrap money in bouquets and send them to their parents. Fantastic.


It's my favorite packaging method. It was always a big hit with all the recipients! When you try to pull up the message card, cash comes up one after another from flower boxes. Cool!!


On Parents' Day, it is customary in South Korea to give carnations to one's parents. However, giving the same carnation flower every year is rather dull. As a consequence, there are many distinct funny carnations gift ideas available in South Korea.

There are also giant carnations. WoW


Koreans themselves sometimes dress up as flowers for their parents.


On a joyful occasion, cakes are not to be missed. On Parents' Day, Koreans celebrate with novelty cakes.

There is a special cake that is printed with a plaque of appreciation for their parents.


This can be a cake, carnations, and even a cash gift at the same time. WoW


How do you say "parents" in Korean?
One Minute Korean

Parents' Day in Korean is 어버이날 "eo-beo-i nal". "eo-beo-i" means Parents, and "nal" means Day in Korean. 

Oh! If so..., you might be thinking, 'I can say "eobeoi 어버이" to parents in Korean'. But NOPE!

어버이(eobeoi), Although this word is a Korean word that means parents, it is not used in conversation in an ancient language. This word is sufficiently old that it can still be found in 15th-century writing.

The expression “어버이 eobeoi” is a bit old-fashioned, so it is rarely used in conversation. In real conversations, the word “부모님 bu-mo-nim” is mainly used. A lot of Korean teenagers these days say “엄빠 umpa”. It is an abbreviation of “엄마 eom-ma, 아빠 appa” which means Mom, Daddy in Korean. “엄빠 umpa” is a slang word, so don’t use it in a polite place!

Remember! 👩🏻‍🏫 If you want to say "parents" in Korean, “부모님 bumonim” is the correct Korean expression.

Happy 어버이날 EOBEOI NAL!


Thank you to all the parents in the world

On Korean Parents' Day, we covered Korean culture, language, and trends. We hope you enjoyed it and that it was helpful.

What about trying your parents something special events on Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Parent's Day to show your gratitude? like Koreans. Whatever method you pick, the most important thing is to keep in mind how much your parents love and encourage you. 

Do you have any ideas for celebrating Parents' Day with your parents? If so, we hope you will consider trying one of the many fun and creative ways to show your appreciation for them on this special occasion. Whether it's a carnation bouquet or a personalized cake, there are endless ways to show your gratitude for your parents and make them feel loved.

To all the parents in the world, we thank you every day, but especially at this moment. We'd like to say a big thank you to all the parents around the world who do their best for their children every day. You are amazing! THANK YOU 

Be sure to tell Mom and Dad that you love them today. Happy Parents' Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day!!!


Thanks for reading:) 😍

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