Makeup trends to try this fall, ‘MLBB & Brick Lip’ with ‘Dewy Face’
‘MLBB & Brick Lip’ with ‘Dewy Face’

Makeup trends to try this fall, ‘MLBB & Brick Lip’ with ‘Dewy Face’

K-Beauty curating website, KollectionK presents affordable makeup gifts for yourself

K-Beauty curating online shopping mall, KollectionK, presents you with the 4 gift ideas that you can buy for yourself this fall. The brick red and MLBB lips are the perfect replacement to your post-summer look with tanned skin, bright-colored hair and beach dress. KollectionK recommends the 4 items that will help you overhaul your makeup this fall. Plus, the makeup trends can be created with quite affordable products.


As the weather gets drier and colder, most of you would probably be suffering from breakouts and dry, flaky skin. The items suggested below will help your skin stay as dewy and hydrated as possible. Plus, you can enjoy some of fall trend colors from Korea. Check out the lipstick choices of wearable and natural red and create your own fall collections kit.


First gift idea for yourself is A’PIEU Milk Seven-Pack Mask Sheet. Dewy and glowing skin is a MUST for any style in any season. So, what about giving a cup of different flavors a day for your dry skin? In a cute packaging, the sheet mask comes soaked in a milky essence. The set has 7 flavors: pure milk for hydration, banana milk for nourishing, strawberry milk for brightening, green tea milk for soothing, coconut milk for glowing, coffee milk for firming, chocolate milk for softening.


Second gift item is a luxury bag, It'S SKIN PRESTIGE Lip Balm D'escargot. Coming with the gold-colored luxury bag-shaped packaging, it would make a lovely gift for yourself and for friends. When you unbox the elegant bag, you’ll get the highly moisturizing lip balm. Apply whenever the lips are dry. To use it as the sleeping pack, apply a thick layer on the lips before going to bed. It contains all the good ingredients for the hydration, from snail secretion filtrate, shea butter, mango & cocoa butter to acetyl hexapeptide-8.


If you are looking for affordable and effective MLBB or brick color lip tints, check out the impressively long-lasting and non-drying tints KollectionK suggests.


ETUDE Dear Darling Tint AD Lip Tint New version presents brick and MLBB colors that go well with the fall fashion style. This upgraded version is a must-have item for the fall & winter season. With milky smooth texture, the collection comes in a wide range of colors: Kumquat, Orange, Grapefruit Red, Cherry Red, Real Red, Plum Red, Dracula Red, Chili Red, Fig Red, Vampire Red, Sweet potato Red, Jujube Red.


Lastly, this is not a candy but this will make you feel like tasting one - SAEM Saemmul Mousse Candy Tint. With the fruity color and scent melting on the lips, your face will look it has a pigmented, sheer-light and light-moussey texture with sweet finish. It is available in 5 vivid colors: Redmango, Strawberry, Carrot, Grapefruit, Yogurtberry Mousse.


As these two lip tints would not harm your wallet, what about adding some of the colors to your fall colors collection? You can create a different look every day in an affordable way.


Don’t forget to browse KollectionK website regularly, not to miss the opportunities to get the trending K-beauty items in almost half a price at On Sale section.

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