Graduation Photo of K-Pop star, ITZY YUNA
Congratulations to all of the them.

K-pop stars who have graduated in Feb 2022

It was time for the K-pop graduation ceremony in Feb 2022. Here are all of the celebrities who graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School and School of Performing Arts Seoul this year.

Hanlim Multi Art High School has graduated several K-pop talents including Enhypen Jay, Sunoo, and a slew of rising k-pop artists including Keum Dong Hyun from EPEX, MU, ITZY's Yuna, VERIVERY'S Kangmin, and more.

School of Performing Arts Seoul(a.k.a SOPA) has graduated IVE's Rei, Kep1er's Dayeon, Lee Eun-Sang, trot singer Jang Song Ho, and more. 

School of Performing Arts Seoul has produced many renowned celebrities, such as EXO's Kai, Su-ji from JYP, Wanna One's Hwang Min-Hyun, BTS Jungkook, and more.

For those unfamiliar, Hanlim Art School in Seoul is one of the most prestigious art schools in South Korea, and each year many talented K-pop stars obtain diplomas from it.

Astro member Cha Eun-woo who featured on 'True Beauty', Twice's Chou Tzu-yu, Kep1er (former CLC) star Yujin, YG artist Jeon So-mi, and others are just a few of the many notable Hanlim Art School graduates.

All-stars Who Graduated From School 2022

Every year, K-pop fans look forward to graduation photos of the newest group of idols as they graduate high school and begin their new journey. This year, fans got to witness the greatest that fourth-generation K-pop stars could offer in terms of high school success. Take a peek at the star-studded list of K-pop celebrities who graduated from Hanlim Art School and Seoul Performing Arts School in 2022.

K-Pop Stars who passed from School of Performing arts Seoul

IVE's Rei, Kep1er's Dayeon, Lee Eun Sang, trot singer Jang Song Ho and more from the School Of Performing Arts aka SOPA. Check out the videos of Korean pop stars below.

K-POP Stars who graduated from Hanlim Arts High School.


Enhypen Jay and Sunoo made us proud as they received their certificates from Hanlim Art School. Despite the fact that the members were not present for the press, fans discovered their graduation photographs. Check out the below examples.


This year, K-pop vocalists Keum Dong Hyun and MU from the group EPEX graduated from Hanlim Art School. Take a look at the photographs below to see their amazing graduation photos.

ITZY YUNA's Graduation VLOG

Congratulations to all of the celebrities who graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School and School of Performing Arts Seoul this year. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!!

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