The Real Korean Skincare Routine: Special Parts Patch Masks, The Precise Skin Care: Part 1
The Real Korean Skincare Routine: Special Parts

The Real Korean Skincare Routine: Special Parts Patch Masks, The Precise Skin Care: Part 1

Solution of dark circle and winkle, EYE MASKS

Let’s look further into different types of sheet masks. A lot of Koreans also use specialized eye area sheet masks in order to specifically target problems such as dark circles and wrinkles. Koreans call eye masks to 'eye patch'. It’s easy to retain youthful skin through using eye patches full of anti-aging ingredients such as those in eye creams.


Make a Big Smile Without Worrying About Smile Lines. SMILE LINE MASK

Koreans also pay a lot of attention to smile lines in their skincare routine. Smile lines can you look 10 years older and it is hard to get rid of them once they appear. Therefore, there are several different sheet masks that focus on reducing smile lines. Before these smile line masks were invented, a lot of Koreans used eye masks on their smile lines to reduce them. As this became popular, smile line masks began to be produced. Now, they are an important anti-aging skincare product.


For The Poreless and Flawless Nose, NOSE STRIP MASKS

Nose packs are also another type of popular sheet pack. Koreans call nose strips 'nose pack'. It is easy for nose pores to become enlarged and clogged with oils and bacteria, creating an environment that is susceptible to pimples. The sebum in the pores of your nose becomes oxidized, creating blackheads. If you don’t remove blackheads, your pores become larger and can result in pimples. Therefore, there are a variety of different types of nose strips that help remove blackheads and minimize pores. It is good to use these packs 2~3 times a week.

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