Yaongyi, Webtoon artist, Beauty like coming out of a cartoon
Yaongyi, the talented artist with a beautiful appearance

Yaongyi, Webtoon artist, Beauty like coming out of a cartoon

Let me introduce you to some of the most well-known webtoon authors. We'll look at the achievements of prominent webtoon creators in Korea, home to webtoons, as well as other factors.

Today, We'd like to introduce a webtoon writer who is gaining popularity because she is as beautiful as the female protagonist in "True Beauty," one of Korea's most famous webtoons. It's a really hot topic that she's too gorgeous in Korea!

Introducing manhwa artist Yaongyi, creator of the webtoon

Yaongyi = 'True Beauty'

The webtoon 'True Beauty' was recently aired as a drama in Korea and gained great popularity. In Japan, the web manga 'True Beauty' is also gaining great popularity as Korean webtoons can be read as LINE Manga on the webtoon platform.

True Beauty of tvN K-Drama


In the United States, you can meet her works on Webtoon.com, and her works have drawn a lot of interest in the USA cartoon market. You may discover more about how popular her series is in South Korea where the origin of webtoons, and other notable works in our prior blog article.

Yaongyi, the cartoonist who made such a hit webtoon 'True Beauty', is a hot topic in Korea that the artist is so beautiful! The webtoon 'True Beauty' resembles the main character Jugyeong, as if it were drawn by looking at herself.

Learn more about this beautiful webtoon creator, Yaongyi.


Who is Yaongyi?

Born on April 24, 1991, and using the pseudonym Yaongyi, this is a 31-year-old webtoon artist that has amassed a substantial following on Instagram with over 1.5 million followers. It's not just her good looks that make her so well-liked. Her work is praised for its relatable plot and beautiful illustration style, in addition to her attractiveness.

Yaongyi Instagram @meow91__


She chose her pen name, Yaongyi, as her wish that "I want you to evaluate only by looking at the work" without prejudice against gender or individual writer. 'Yaongyi' is derived from the Korean word for meow cat.

Not only does she have a beautiful appearance, but she has also long desired to become a manhwa artist. She also had the looks to be a good model before debuting as a manga creator!

After uploading a beautiful true photo of herself and celebrating the first anniversary of the webtoon True Beauty, she became an issue in Korea.

"Is the main character Jugyeong's design drawn by looking at her reflections in a mirror?" In that case, readers remarked, "Is the main character's design copied from Yaongyi?," referring to a picture of Yaongyi, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Jugyeong.

@meow91__ ⓒwebtoon


Jugyeong is a high school girl character whose all of her classmates think she is the ideal student in her webtoon. Yaongyi's face and physique are eerily similar to that of the main character, Jugyeong! Yaongyi's body type is perfect for modeling; she is 5'7" and 104 lb.


Suspicions of Pelvic Plastic Surgery

Her lovely hourglass physique and doll-like appearance inspired public jealousy. Some people say with malicious accusations such as "Isn't she had pelvic plastic surgery?" "Isn't her entire face molded?" etc.

Meanwhile, in July 2020, Yaongyi made headlines when she uploaded a picture on her own Instagram story. It was an X-ray of her pelvis. This was the photo she submitted to show that she did not have her pelvic plastic surgery done.

The picture is an X-ray of my pelvis!

Instagram Story @meow91__

 Along with the photo, She also denied the rumors of pelvic plastic surgery and added comments "I was so surprised 'the pelvic plastic surgery?' ... it's all my bones! This X-ray is taken because of the hernia. No plastic"

She stated that she had never had plastic surgery except for double eyelid surgery ten years ago. She went on to explain that, while her appearance is maintained by going to a dermatologist, she does use non-invasive procedures such as Botox and Fillers occasionally.


True Love by True Beauty

On October 7, 2020, rumors circulated that was dating the famous manga artist. The opponent was Jeon SunWook, the cartoonist who drew "Free throw". They confirmed their fans on the 11th by sharing pictures of hearts fashioned together at Lotte World Tower on each other's Instagram.

"I've been married before, but I don't think I'm doing it anymore," she stated on Instagram in an Insta story. "For the rest of my life, I'll live with my mother and father." She revealed that she was previously married, which made her followers shocked.

"He has a good personality and I admire him, and I'd want to be like that," Yaongyi said about Jeon SunWook. "I really think I met such a good person, So lucky I am! Perhaps in my previous existence, I may have saved the nation."


Yaongyi Profile

  • Pen Name | 야옹이 (Yangyi)
  • Real Name | 김나영 (Kim Nayoung)
  • Education | Bachelor of Arts, Illustration and Animation, Kewon University.
  • Birth | April 24, 1991
  • Height | 170 cm
  • Weight | 47 kg
  • Works | Webtoon "True Beauty"
  • Instagram | @meow91__ 

@meow91__ ⓒwebtoon


Look forward to her great works

It is clear that Yaongyi is a beautiful and talented artist, as well as a decent person. Her work is praised for its relatable plot and beautiful illustration style, in addition to her attractiveness. She chose her pen name, Yaongyi, as her wish that "I want you to evaluate only by looking at the work" without prejudice.

Even though she is constantly accused of getting plastic surgery and other malicious rumors, she has never backed down or lost her confidence. She remains sincere and hardworking, continuing to produce quality work that her fans can enjoy.

Yaongyi is a great example of how beauty and talent can go hand in hand. She is living proof that you can be successful and beautiful at the same time, despite what others may say.

Look forward to her beautiful webtoon works, as much as you enjoy looking at her stunning physical appearance, to show your support and interest in her future.

Thank you for reading :)

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