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ETUDE HOUSE Hydrocolloid Patch

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This advanced waterproof hydrocolloid patch quickly absorbs exudate from wounds and reduces scarring. This patch for the acne and pimple is a breathable hydrocolloid that protects the wound from external impurities and is an antibacterial patch that helps to protect and heal wounds. Also it reduces the scars by maintaining a moist environment on damaged skin spots. This breathable patch has a thin and transparent layer to look Inconspicuous and natural. Plus, you can the makeup on it. Skin Safety Tested. Dermatologically tested.

It's good solution of Acne and Inflammation.
Best for Dry, Oily and Combination skin types
Main ingredients: Hydrocolloid
Quasi-medicinal product: Effects_Protects the wound and absorbs the fluid. / Usage_Apply a patch once a day or every time. / Storage_Keep in closed container at room temperature(1~30 ℃).

Net Weight: 44 patches {(12 mm x 20 patches)+(10 mm x 24 patches)}

1. Clean and dry the blemished area.
2. Follow the cut line and remove a single patch.
3. Apply the patch on the center of the wound and with the palm of your hand, press lightly for 2-3 seconds.
* This patch is disposable and forbids reuse.*
**Be careful for sensitive skin to sticky patches or compresses**
Polyurethane film, Hydrocolloid pad, Polyester film, Paper

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