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THE FACE SHOP Smile Foot Mask

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This is highly enriched essential nutrition moisturizing foot sheets which makes your foot very smooth. Containing Shea butter and Collagen: Deep moisturizing. Containing Peppermint oils: Fresh Scents and skin refresh. Sock-type pack: Easy to apply.

Net Weight: 18 ml in the 1 pair foot sheets

1. Wash your hands or foot cleanly and dry them.
2. Divide mask sheet into two pieces along the dot line, put your hands or foot into non-woven fabric wetted with essence and wear it.
3. After wearing mask sheet, please massage your hands or foot for the essence to be absorbed.
After 20~30 min, remove sheets and tapping massage remaining essence softly for absorption.
it's coming soon.
After using this, you can feel super smooth foot skin.

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