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It'S SKIN Power 10 Formula Essence

20 Reviews
  • CO Effector- Firms skin, improves resilience, and provides moisture.
  • GF Effector-Ample moisture supply, prevention of moisture loss, and skin relieving effects.
  • LI Effector-Recovers skin tone and reduces redness through clarifying and brightening effects.
  • PO Effector-Strong sebum control and pore diminishing effects provide solutions for widened pores.
  • Q10 Effector-Improves rough skin by providing firm resilience and cell activation.
  • VB Effector-Sebum control effect of vitamin B calms skin troubles and makes skin soft.
  • VC Effector-Brightening effect, pore-tightening effect.
  • VE Effector-Provides luster and concentrated nourishment.
  • WH Effector-Synergy effect of whitening agents arbutin and Morus alba for optimal whitening effect.
  • WR Effector-Synergy effect of wrinkle-diminishing adenosine and firming caviar for youthful skin.
  • YE Effector-Yeast extract for skin vitality recovers skin it's original rhythm and reinforces vitality.
  • Propolis-Highly concentrated ampoule containing propolis will improve skin it's protection to prevent skin troubles.
  • SYN®-AKE-Highly concentrated ampoule containing peptides with properties similar to snake venom will hinder movement, improving even the facial expression wrinkles that are difficult to smooth out.
Net Vol. 30 ml

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