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Our Story

Hi, welcome to KollectionK!

We started our business in 2011. Two co-founders decided to become a team to set up a company that introduces and sells Korean products abroad. While setting up this business, we learned that many customers were interested in Korean skincare and makeup. Since co-founder A dealt with atopic eczema from a young age and had personally tested a variety of skincare solutions, she was confident that she could introduce the benefits of Korean skincare to her clients based on her own experience. Our website was created in 2012 and since then, we have been meeting a variety of different customers

You are all a part of us.

We cannot do everything by ourselves since we are not perfect. Your help completes us. Your reviews, your comments, and your recommendations are important. You are the owner of our community and perhaps, we are just the helping hand. We always appreciate you and are open to you.

Co-founder, J Yang & CK SHIN in Seoul, Korea

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