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Koncierge Service

The online store you wish to buy from doesn't accept your payment card? 
It's hard to shop online for slow page speed? You don't understand Korean?

A Personal shopper will place the order and keeps you informed at every step. 
Now it's easy to shop online in Korea.
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K Pack Koncierge service

A personal shopper will place an order instead of you from multiple shops in Korea.

How long does it take my personal shopper to place the order?

Koncierge service of KollectionK do their best to fulfill your requests as quickly as possible. Your Personal shopper will place your order within 1 to 3 business days and keep you informed at every step.

How much does the personal Koncierge services cost?

Now it's free if you provide product urls.
A concierge service fee of 5% of the order value (minimum order value accepted is 10 USD) will be applied from Jan 1st 2017.

Koncierge tips?

- Supply us with any discount codes you would like to use in the “description” section of the concierge order form to benefit from any promotional codes you have.

- You cannot edit an order once it has been placed, so please be certain of the item you want to order before submitting your concierge order form. 

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How Koncierge service works

1. Fill out order form

You could place an order with our order form.

2. Get an estimate

You'll get an invoice excluding shipping  fee.

3.  Payment for shopping

You can pay with your credit card or PAYPAL.

4. Receive & Pack

We pack all items after receiving all .

5. Payment for shipping

We ship the package after you pay shipping fee.

6.  Shipping & Enjoy

You'll receive your shopping at your home.

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Would you like to know about shipping?

Shipping Details Track My Order
Service Fees

If you provide URLs of items you'd like to purchase, it's fee. You pay for only product(s) that you buy and shipping charge. If you don't know URLs of products , you need to pay $1.99 USD per item.

Payment and Currency

We'll send you an invoice after you fill out the order form. 
We accept credit card. You could pay with your Paypal balance. All orders are processed in USD at the most recent exchange rate available.

What Shipping Methods are Available?

We're using some couriers for better shipping for each country. Basically we ship packages by Korea Post, USPS and other couriers.

United States - USPS and EMS
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand - local couriers
Other countries - EMS and Small Packet (up to 2 kg)

When will my package be delivered?

It takes 2-7 days to receive the products depending on product category after you submit your order . We ship your package after we receive & pack all items you buy. But sometimes it takes up to 1-2 weeks to receive items from some store.
Generally it takes 5-7 business days from ship date. But it takes up to 30 business days if you choose Cheapest shipping.

What products can I purchase?

Basically there is not any restriction. But some countries do not pass beauty products and food. You need to check the customs clearance rule of your country.

How much I pay for shipping?

We ship your packages by EMS or other couriers. It depends on shipping method you choose, destination country, weight, volume and currency exchange rate. We'll send you an invoice of shipping after we get all items that you purchase.  
Please click here to  see the estimate of shipping fee.

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