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Why is the world so focused on and excited by K-Beauty and Korean skincare? Was there suddenly a new innovation in the Korean beauty and skincare industry? Although it has only been receiving worldwide attention recently, such changes and trends have been happening in Korea continuously, likely starting from centuries ago.

For centuries, Koreans have already been focusing on attaining clean and clear skin. For example, this could be found in the records of a diplomat from the Song Dynasty, the ancient country of China. According to those records, the Goryeo (ancient Korea dynasty) people enjoyed bathing up to 3-4 times a day in the river or stream.

Koreans are some of the most demanding consumers of cosmetics in the world. Korean consumers also have an intense passion for skincare, helping the research and development of many innovations. As a result, countries such as France and Japan, which create unique cosmetics and skincare, have paid attention to Korean consumers and the beauty culture that they have created. K-Beauty and Korean skincare have slowly become known all over the world.

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