Opening Soon


Thank you to all our customers who have been visiting KollectionK and purchasing our products.

We'll be back with a newly refurbished look in three months.

KollectionK was established in 2012 when we started selling K-pop albums and realized that many customers were interested in Korean cosmetics. Afterwards, we've converted to a Korean cosmetics website and spent 8 years working alongside our customers.

The reason we came to this decision was that many other sites where customers are able to find Korean cosmetics have emerged and also due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary goal was to share Korea's unknown culture, fashion, trends, etc. with many customers around the world. Now, we plan to set our primary goal as a compass to start a new journey.

So many events related to Korea have occurred after we've started our business, including the rise of BTS that took home #1 in the Billboard chart. K-pop was not a temporary trend and has created a big wave of interest in Korean cosmetics, trends and fashion from customers around the world. In addition, the world is experiencing new phenomena due to a change called COVID 19. In the midst of these changes, we will come back to you as a new business

Stay healthy!