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A'PIEU Cicative Zinc Cream

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Soothing cream to help relieve irritated skin by containing Zinc ingredients. No additives Artificial colors and Artificial fragrances. Highly enriched facial cream.
Net Weight: 55 ml

#Daily Care
After preparing skin with skin toner, lightly apply small amount to each cheek, forehead, chin, and nose with your fingertips, tap it, wrap it in your palm and absorb it. *Due to the nature of the formulation, it should be used in small amount.

#Spot Care
Apply it little bit more than daily care to the area where the skin becomes sensitive.

#Emergency Care
Use it as a face mask when you need a quick skin relief. Thickly spread it on the skin, then rinse gently with lukewarm water or tissues after applying 10-15 minutes.


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