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A'PIEU NonCo Tea Tree Body Clearing Tissue (Shelf Life: 2021 Apr 10)

3 Reviews
New concept body cleansing tissue. Big size: 15 x 100 cm, easy to use. Containing herb complex 3%, skin soothing. Containing tea tree oil extracts 0.1%, skin trouble care and skin refreshing. It's a very suitable body cleanser to go out and travels. Easy to carry and use.

Net Weight: 23g = 1 sheet

Wipe your dry body with the 'A'PIEU NonCo Tea Tree Body Clearing Tissue'. After using, if necessary, apply the body moisturizer.
it's coming soon.
When going out, sometimes you want to refresh skin. And when going travel, this 'body clearing tissue' is a very useful item. Besides it has skin trouble calming and refreshing effects.

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