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Appree Pink cosmos sticky memo notes

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Composition: 20 X 2 petels
Material: Paper, PVC
Color: Pink
Size(inch): 2.75 X 9.44 inches
Width(cm): 7.50
Height(cm): 24.00

Appree Pink cosmos sticky memo notesby Appree. In Natsume Soseki's novel 'Mind', there is the episode about the girl who admired her teacher. This little girl tried to show her love as pick and bring wild cosmos around her house everyday in teacher's room. This cosmos, weakly thin and shy but direct on direction, whiffle and wave with breeze but never be snapped is similar to the girl's romantic first love.  Bring your unrequited ardent love with cosmos.


  • Size:
    - Petal size(L): 5.7 X 5.7 cm (2.24 X 2.24 inches)
    - Petal size(S): 4.6 X 3.6 cm (1.81 X 1.41 inches)
    - Package size: 7.5 X 24 cm (2.75 X 9.44 inches)