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Appree Red poppy sticky memo notes

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Composition: 20 X 2 petals
Material: Paper, PVC
Color: Red
Size(inch): 2.75 X 9.44 inches
Width(cm): 7.50
Height(cm): 24.00

This is the second collection of sticky leaf, flowers 'the Poppy'. A flower on your desk gives a lot of energy to tired lives as if a flower bloomed on cold asphalt expresses the beauty of life. We present you with a tiny flower so that you can feel relax for a moment of your busy days.


  • Size:
    - Petal size(L): 6.7 X 4.8 cm (2.63 X 1.88 inches)
    - Petal size(S): 4.8 X 3.7 cm (1.88 X 1.45 inches)
    - Package size: 7.5 X 24 cm (2.75 X 9.44 inches)
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