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Appree Red rose sticky memo notes

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Composition: 20 X 2 petels
Material: Paper, PVC
Color: Red
Size(inch): 2.75 X 9.44 inches
Width(cm): 7.50
Height(cm): 24.00

Appree Red rose sticky memo notesby Appree. The thrill of a rose for someone you love. Not like real flowers blooming gaily for only a brief time, the sticky leaf rose is always in bloom in its beauty around someone you love. Try to write and send words you have just kept to yourself to your loved one. The indeciduous red blossom brightens your mind for a long long time.


  • Size:
    - Petal size(L): 5.2 X 4.6 cm (2.04 X 1.81 inches)
    - Petal size(S): 2.4 X 3.1 cm (0.94 X 1.22 inches)
    - Package size: 7.5 X 24 cm (2.75 X 9.44 inches)
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