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ARITAUM Ultra Slim Double-sided Double Eyelid Tape

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With double side disign, the double eyelid tapes are breathable, waterproof and stay all day. The eyelid tapes are both side adhesive, no glue, won't irritate, and can create more double eyelid effect than one side eyelid tape.

Net Weight: 52 patches (2 sheets = 26 pairs).

1. Before you use it, please make sure your eyelid clean, free of makeup,oil or any moisturizers.
2. Gently remove the formed double eyelid tape stickers with a included applicator.
3. According to your eye type and make-up mode, moderately adjust the direction.
4. Remover, gently from the end of double eyelid stickers torn, then use lotion clean.
It's coming soon.
Due to the double side eyelid tapes has strong sticky, please don't directly tear when unloading, that will make your eye skin becomes loose.The right way to unload with makeup water.
Easy to create natural and deep double eyelid, makes eyes more beautiful and eyes seem rounder and larger. Continuous use it makes your double eyelids permanent without surgery.

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