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ETUDE HOUSE All Caring Eraser Pad

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Removing dull skin cells, sebum control and quick offering moisturizing. Embossed side: Softly skin care. Cotton side: removing sebum and gentle exfoliation. Rich Skin Toner Essence in advanced sheets. Containing BHA(grape, orange, apple, lemon and lime extracts): gentle exfoliation and pore minimizing. Containing Aloe vera and witchhazel extracts: deep moisturizing. Containing tea tree oil, tea trea leaf extracts and madecassoside: Skin soothing and smoothing. Non-comedogenic cosmetics.

Net Weight: Net Weight: 110 ml(60 sheets)

1. After washing face, gently wipe the entire face with the soft embossed side, starting from the inside and working outward.
2. With the cotton side, wipe the face in a rubbing motion, concentrating on the T-zone and chin pore to excessive sebum.
** Use an including tweezer to apply neat.**
it's coming soon.
This is a good skin care toner to use multi-usages, skin toner, skin care starter, facial cleansing finisher and giving moisture spot sheet packs.

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