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ETUDE Silk Scarf Damage Protain Steam Hair Pack

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Warm Steam Protein Hair Pack: Quick and Deep absorbing nutrition essences to hairs. Containing 7 kinds protein complex and 11 kinds amino acid complex: Damaged Hairs Care and Smoothing Hair Cuticles. No-Additives 4-Free: Mineral oils, Synthetic pigment, Imidazolidinyl urea and Triethanolamine.
How to Use
1. After shampoo, dry your hairs with a towel. And wear 'ETUDE Silk Scarf Damage Protain Steam Hair Pack' on your whole hairs.
2. Fix this cap with the adhesive tape of the cap to your head size.
3. Gently massage with fingertips for 10~15 mins.
4. Rinse your hairs with lukewarm water. And then dry well.
Net Weight: 1 usage = 35 ml