Gunmangzeung Cute character screen cleaner ver.6

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Material: Microfibre, Urethane

Gunmangzeung Cute character screen cleaner ver.6 by Gunmangzeung. The Sunny day Screen cleaner ver.6 is a very cute and unique designed screen cleaner. To clean the screen, simply detach the screen cleaner from your belongings and wipe your screen with the front of the cleaner. Once the Screen cleaner gets dirty, just wash it with water and soap! Then, you can reuse it! It provides a fast and efficient way to safely clean and disinfect your screen.

Featuring soft and scratch-resistant material is also safe to use with smartphones, iPad, Galaxy Tab, eye glasses, camera lenses, laptop screens, mirrors and so much more. When you are not using this cleaner, you can attach the screen cleaner to the rear of your items (Except - material like canvas or silicon surface)


  • Size:
    - 01: 3.3 X 4.4 cm
    - 02: 3.6 X 4.6 cm
    - 03: 3.1 X 5.1 cm
    - 04: 3.6 X 4.5 cm
    - 05: 3.1 X 4.4 cm
    - 06: 4.0 X 4.3 cm