Iconic Perytale sticky book with different designed sticky note

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Composition: 30 sheets X 8 types: 240sheets
Material: Paper
Size(inch) - cover: 3.1 X 5.9 inches
Width(cm): 8.00
Height(cm): 15.00

Iconic Perytale sticky book with different designed sticky note by ICONIC. Composed of 8 different type sticky notes(30 sheets/each style). Wide adherend Sticky notes hold stronger and longer than other sticky notes so you can be sure that your message or memo gets through.


  • Sticky notes in three different size: 
    - 1 of 7.5 X 5cm(2.95 X 1.96 inches),
    - 2 of 3.75 X 4.5cm(1.47 X 1.77inches),
    - 5 of 1.5 X 5cm(0.6 X 1.96inches)
  • Variety, unique, sensible


Type: Sticky Note