Iconic Swing slim and flat card case holder

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Composition: Two front pockets, One back pocket
Material: PU, Steel
Color: Vintage mint, Vivid orange, Deep blue, Hot pink
Size(inch): 2.75 X 4.4 X 0.12 inches
Width(cm): 7.00
Height(cm): 11.20
Depth(cm): 0.30

Iconic Swing slim and flat card case holder by ICONIC. The Swing card case is a simple and useful card holder which is slim and easy to carry. This card case features two front pockets, one back pocket. The front pockets and back pocket can be used for card storage - credit card, identification card, transportation card.

** The strap is not included in the purchase. The Iconic Cross strap or Twist strap go well with Swing card case.

Type: Card Holder