Iconic Travel mesh tote bag pouch ver.2

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Material: Mesh, Poly, Nylon
Color: Pink, Gray
Size(inch): 12.59 X 11.02 inches
Width(cm): 32.00 / Height(cm): 28.00 / Depth(cm):

Iconic Travel mesh tote bag pouch ver.2 by ICONIC. The Travel mesh tote bag ver.2 is an useful and see through handy mesh pouch. The Travel pouch bag provides a great place to store anything you want while you are traveling or for home use. You can also use the travel mesh pouch bag in wet environments like the swimming pool or in your bathroom. The see-through mesh material helps you find items easily. A Zipper is also featured on top of the mesh handbag so you can securely store your items in the travel mesh pouch bag without having items falling out of the purse organizer and into your bag.

Type: Travel Pouch