Indigo World map pattern RFID blocking passport case

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Material: PU, Poly
Size(inch): 4.25 X 5.98 inches
Width(cm): 15.20

Indigo World map pattern RFID blocking passport case by Indigo. The World map passport cover is an useful and well made passport cover. It is a passport holder you can safely store a plane ticket, passport, card and more.

During travel, just slip the journey passport cover into your carry-on bag, purse, or suitcase for easy access. And the Passport cover protects your passport from wear and tear. The World map passport cover is designed to secure RFID enabled e-passports and data cards from unwanted data skimming. E-passports inside this passport cover, including the e-passport, cannot be read remotely while the passport cover is closed.

* All newly issued passports and many credit cards include a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip with personal information that must be protected.