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innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder Set

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A set of 2 ea! Value Kit.

If you are the Oil-Princess (you may well be one of the people who could not go out without a make-up blotting paper.), you should be interested in this [No-Sebum Mineral Powder]. Highly recommended to apply this Sebum control powder instead of Blotting Paper, when you fix your makeup. And this powder can be used variety ways. Before eye shadow, apply this powder. So you can prevent the cracking of eyeshadow caused by skin-oil. Because of the busy schedule, if you could not shampoo, apply this product on your oily hair. And then brush this powder off well, you will look like just going out after shampooing.

Skin oil control ingredient: natural mineral, mint. 6-Free: dioxin, talc, synthetic pigment, animal raw materials, mineral oil, artificial aroma. vol. 5 g x 2 ea

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