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It'S SKIN Giant Elephant 2-Step Nose Sheet

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This 2-step nose sheet is very huge like an elephat:) This powful but gentle nose sheets instantly remove blackheads and unclog pores while tightening and soothing.
STEP_1: After cleansing your face, remove the clear film with dry hands. Make enoughly wet your nose and forehead parts with clean water. Apply STEP1 sheet on your nose and forehead. After 20~30 mins(perfectly dry), Gently peel STEP1 sheet off form your face.
STEP_2: After removing STEP1 sheet, apply STEP2 sheet on your face T zone. After 5~10 mins, remove STEP2 sheet. Then gently tapping massage for quickly absorbing essence to skin.
Net Weight: STEP_1: 1 sheet + STEP_2: 1 sheet(7ml)

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