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A clear finishing pact that applies smoothly and evenly for moisture-enriched skin.
Stable Attachment-The hexagonal Honey Crystal Powder stably attaches to your skin and forms an even layer to cover up the blemishes and appear as if your makeup is done by a professional.
Non-dry Finish-3D Hydra Technology forms a protective layer to retain the suppleness of moisturizing foundation and leaves the skin smooth and clear without dryness.
Bright and Clear Skin-Water Luminous Powder, a type of mineral powder that mimics the reflection of light on the surface of water, embraces the skin with the clean and clear radiance of water.
Net Vol. 13 g
How to Use
1. Use after makeup base or foundation.
2. Apply an appropriate amount on puff and spread in the following order: cheeks – forehead – nose – chin. For smaller areas, such as eyes, lips, and nostrils, fold puff in half and gently and carefully press with the remaining amount of powder.

Type: Face Powder