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MISSHA Bee Pollen Renew Treatment

2 Reviews
Powerful Wrinkle repairing, Skin Brightening and Whitening. Containing Bee Pollen extracts 82%, Propolis and Royal jelly: Rich in Protain, Vitamis and Minerals. Skin Deep Moisturizing. Rich Nutrition. Skin Vitality. Mist Spray Type Container: Easy to apply. Dermatology Tested.

Net Weight: 150 ml

Before using, Shake well. Evenly spray it on your face aparts 15~20 cm from a face.
it's coming soon.
This 'BEE POLLEN' line has rich skin nutrition ingredients. It's Best Anti-aging Skin Care Cosmetics for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. This is the multi-use skin toner type skin treatment cosmetic. Use it as skin toner, facial mist and facial essence.

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