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MISSHA Super Aqua Mini Pore 3-Step Nose Patch

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This is bigger size than other peel-off nose pack products. More effectively remove sebums on your nose by covering bigger area.
This blackhead kit effectively removes blackheads with its 3 steps of pore opening, blackhead cleaning and pore closing.
How to Use
STEP 1_Heating Sheet: Opening Pores. After face washing, apply STEP 1 sheet on your nose. After 15~20 min, remove Step 1 sheet.
STEP 2_BIG Size Blackhead Clear Sheet: Peel-off Nose Pack. Wet around the nose with water. press and adhere Step 2 sheet on the nose. After (10~15 min) the sheet perfectly dry, slowly removed Step 2 sheet.
STEP 3_Pore Tightening Sheet: Close Pores. After neatly washing the nose, apply Step 3 sheet placed on the nose. 5 mins later, remove the Step 3 sheet. Absorb the remaining contents by tapping with fingertips.
Usage 1~2 times a week.
Net Weight: STEP 1_3 g + STEP 2_1ea + STEP 3_3 g

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