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Paper Doll Cosmetic Pouch Pink M

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The Paper Doll Cosmetic Pouch is a very cute and lovely cosmetic pouch! The Paper Doll Cosmetic Pouch features very cute illustrations of the Paper Doll set of characters. You can use the Paper Doll Cosmetic Pouch to organize and securely hold all your cosmetics in one place! The Paper Doll Cosmetic Pouch is also very easy to carry around as it has a handle attached to the pouch as well!

The Paper Doll Cosmetic Pouch contains 5 brush holders with a cover. On the right of the pouch is the main compartment where you can securely store your commonly used cosmetics. It doesn?™t stop there! Behind the main compartment contains a mesh pocket that you can use to store small items like sample products, cottons swaps, and other small items! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Dimensions 8.1 * 4.7 * 2.2 in.
Weight 9.07 oz
Material Enamel, Polyester, PVC

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