PlanD Everywhere RFID blocking button passport holder case

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Material: DS, Steel, 3M film
Color: Black, Navy, Red, Ash mint
Size(inch): 3.93 X 5.31 inches
Width(cm): 10.00
Height(cm): 13.50

PlanD Everywhere button passport holder case by PlanD. The Everywhere passport case is a beautiful and well designed passport holder. It is a passport holder you can safely store a plane ticket and passport, the card. You can pull and push the passport easily. Even you put passport and air tickets, it is so slim.

During travel, just slip this passport cover into your carry-on bag, purse, or suitcase for easy access. And the Passport cover protects your passport from wear and tear. The Everywhere passport holder protects your passport safely from illegality skimming as having to prevent the leaking of private information film.

* All newly issued passports and many credit cards include a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip with personal information that must be protected.