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Sasoham Comic sticky memo notes 60 sheets

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Composition: 60 sheets
Material: Paper
Size(inch): Package: 4.3 X 6.3 inches

Sasoham Comic sticky memo notes 60 sheets by Sasoham. The Comic sticky memo notes is a very unique and funny set of sticky notes! This sticky notes is good to express the importance of your memo in line with your emotion and circumstances in an interesting manner by using speech bubbles and backgrounds used for emotional expression of figures in cartoons. Each purchase comes with 20 sheets of each size, 60 sheets for total.


  • Size:
    - 1: 11.4 X 3.7 cm
    - 2: 5.2 X 7.8 cm
    - 3: 6.8 X 8.2 cm
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