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THE FACE SHOP Gel Chock Press on Gel Nail Tip Kit Artificial Nails

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30 nail tips + Nail File + Clean nail prep pad. Do gorgeous nail art simply with one kit. New type of artificial nails that does not need a nail glue.
Step1. Applying: 1-Make your nails clean and dry with a prep pad. 2-Removing a clear film of nail tips of backside adhesive tape. 3-Put it on your nail. 4-Press nail tips for 3~5 sec. 4-Trim the nail tip with an including nail file.
Step2. Removing: 1-Drop the nail remover between nail tip and your nail. 2-Gentle remove nail tips. Apply cuticle oils on your nails.
Net Weight: 30 Nail Tips + 1 Nail File + 1 Nail cleansing pad.

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