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THE FACE SHOP Multi Swing Cushion

2 Reviews
3in1 Makeup Palette = Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundaion + Highly Covering Concealer Balm + Vivid Color Blush Balm.
STEP 1, Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundaion 15g: All day long, Anti-Darkening(lasting 12hrs). Long-lasting Moisturizing. Flawless covering. Skin Cooling and Soothing. V-for warm tone skin types. N-for cool tone skin types.
STEP 2, Highly Covering Concealer Balm 1.2g: Highly Skin Covering Concealer.
STEP 2, Vivid Color Blush Balm 1.2g: Long-lasting blusher.
Net Weight: 15g 1.2g + 1.2g

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