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THE FACE SHOP Smile Foot Peeling Jelly Mask

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The soft gel-type exfoliating foot mask is spill-proof. It's easy and convenient to use to gently exfoliate your feet to reveal smoother skin.

Net Weight: 40 ml in the 1 pair foot mask

1.Cut a center line of those peeling-socks with scissors.
2. Wear those foot sheet socks on your clean and dry foot.
3. Wait about 60~90 mins to help absorb. Take the socks off and wash your foot with lukewarm water.
4. After 4 to 7 days, the dead skin cells in your feet are removed little by little. Your feet will be soft and healthy after about two weeks.
it's coming soon.
When you use this foot mask, you may surprise how much lots... lots... of dead skin cells and calluses on your foot. After using this, you can totally refresh with renew super smooth foot.

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