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Skin brightening and whitening. Anti-wrinkle. Special stretch fabric, skin firming and facial line lifting. Hydrogel sheet, skin moisturizing. Contains Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Glacial water and Panthenol.

Net Weight: 33 g = 1 sheet

Unfold the mask and remove the plastic clear film.
Wear the mask over the nose and lip area with one hand and place the earloop around the ears with the other hand. When the mask fits correctly, it wears on the bridge of the nose, does not cover the eyes, is secured under the chin and does not pull at the ears.
Remove the mask after applying 20~40 mins.
it's coming soon.
This mask is more effective to wear while yoga, running, cycling and exercise. Manage your body shape and face lines at the same time.

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