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1. Main Color: Enriched with Royal Jelly extract, this color layer brightly stains lips as it moisturizes, preventing drying and chapping.
2. Sub Color: This lightly tinted balm conditions and seamlessly blends color into your lips for a natural, gradient effect.
3. Base Color: This lip base naturally blends the lip line with your original skin tone and evens out and nourishes discolored, dry lips into a smooth, even base. The base prevents feathering and creates a purer, lasting color effect.
How to Create Triple-Shot Lips
1. Voluminous Gradient Lips
a. Place Base color on the outer lip line and Main Color on the inner lip.
b. Glide product sideways along lips to create and enjoy the most voluminous, gradient lips.
2. For Long-Lasting Milky Colored Lips
a. Place all three sections of the lipstick vertically on the lips.
b. Glide the product sideways along the lips.
c. The three colors mix together creating beautiful, milky colored lips.
Net Weight: 3.5 g

Type: Lip Balm