The real Korean Skincare Routine: Moisturizing
The real Korean Skincare Routine: Moisturizing

The real Korean Skincare Routine: Moisturizing

Your Skin is Ready to Absorb Good Ingredients.

We learned about THE REAL KOREAN SKIN CARE ROUTINE: 4-STEP CLEANSING METHOD in the last article. Now let’s head on to skin care. Your skin has been fully cleansed, and you have applied the all-important SKIN TONER. Now it is time to moisturize your skin. Korean moisturizers come in many types.


1-STEP Moisturizer: ESSENCE
What is the difference between essence, serum and ampoule?
First, there is a Korean moisturizer called “essence”. Essence is lightweight and concentrated of active ingredients. It usually comes in a bottle with droppers and is more thickened fluids than skin toner. Just picture those media bottles found in science labs. Although there are other types of products like serum or ampoule, they are all called “ESSENCE” in Korea.


What is your biggest skin concern?
Koreans usually apply essence in the first step of moisturizing. After skin toner has been applied, the skin is set to absorb beneficial ingredients. Applying essence in this step helps the skin absorb the ingredients better. So, it would be wise to choose an essence that targets your biggest skin concern. For example, choose an essence with collagen if you wish to tighten your skin and anti-aging care, or one with pearl extracts to enhance your complexion and skin brightening. Some Koreans apply 2 to 3 types of essences in this step.


2-STEP Moisturizer: LOTION
What is the difference between lotion and Emulsion?
Koreans apply lotion after essence. Lotion is a blend of various ingredients to soft texture for applying easily. A lotion with smooth texture can be applied evenly to the skin in a thin layer. Many Koreans also use 'emulsion' in this step. Emulsion is very similar to lotion but milkier and softer texture. The formula of emulsion and lotion are pretty much similar. So, Koreans just call all "LOTION".

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