Turtle Chips and 6 Flavors that  You Need to Try.
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Turtle Chips and 6 Flavors that You Need to Try.

If you're looking for a unique and delicious chip to snack on, you need to try turtle chips! These chips are made in Korea and come in a variety of delicious flavors. Some of our favorites include corn soup, cinnamon, shrimp, churro, and vanilla. So if you're looking for something new to snack on, be sure to give turtle chips a try!


Introducing Turtle Chips, the delicious and popular Korean snack

That is perfect for your next binge-watching session! These chips come in a variety of flavors, including corn soup, cinnamon, shrimp, churros, and vanilla. So if you're looking for something new to snack on, turtle chips are a great option!

Korean turtle chips are a delicious and popular snack that comes in a variety of flavors. If you're looking for something new to snack on, give turtle chips a try! You won't be disappointed.

PSY on commercial ads of Orion turtle chips.


What are Turtle chips? (a.k.a Kobuk chips)

Turtle chips are sold in Korea under the name of Kobuk Chips. Kobuk is a cute pronunciation for turtle in Korean.

One of Korea's most well-known snacks is Kobuk Chips. Due to their resemblance to a turtle shell, Kobuk chips are sometimes known as Turtle chips.

Kobuk Chips was launched in sweet cinnamon flavor and corn soup flavor in April 2017, and shrimp flavor was newly launched in February 2018. With the launch of the Chocolate Churros flavor in September 2020, it has become a top hit snack of 2020.

News says Chocolate churros flavor turtle chips were most loved chips in 2020.

It started advertising by featuring that it was made with 4 layers, and it started to be loved for the crispy texture of 4 layers. And those four layers aren't just for texture, they're also great for creating the perfect crunch sound. Of course, the four layers look like the shell of a tortoise.

Psy, a South Korean singer known for Gangnam Style, was formerly an advertising model for Turtle Chip.

Their packaging is also quite distinctive. Each bag features a unique graphic design that is popular in a comic book strip in a newspaper.

Turtle chips are made by Korean snack giant Orion, and are appearing in more grocery stores in China and Japan as well as across the United States.

Turtle chips come in a variety of flavors. Let's take a look at the various tastes and how they taste.


Let's find out The flavors of Turtle chips

  • Corn Soup turtle chips
  • Cinnamon turtle chips
  • Sweet soybean(Injeolmi) turtle chips
  • Chocolate Churros turtle chips
  • Sweet Vanilla turtle chips
  • Shrimp turtle chips

 3 flavor turtle chips

- Corn Soup: The most popular flavor, "Corn Soup," which tastes very much like creamy corn soup or buttery corn-on-the-cob, is more muted in flavor: it's sweeter than you'd expect.

- Chocolate Churros: The flavor of the chocolate churros is a combination of rich chocolate and cinnamon. Turtle Chip has been loved since its release, but it is difficult to say that it received the greatest love. However, after the release of the churros flavor, Turtle Chip became a megahit, selling out of convenience stores and trading in second-hand markets.

chocolate churros flavor of turtle chips

- Sweet SoyBean(Injeolmi): Injeolmi is a common taste in Korean snacks. In Korea, the most popular rice cake is known as Injeolmi, and they're generally coated in soybean powder. Because of this, soybean flour-flavored snacks are Injeolmi-flavored snacks. If you want to experience the flavor of Korea, try out the Injeolmi flavor.

- Sweet Vanilla: The sweet vanilla flavor is made with real vanilla extract and has a sweet and mellow taste. This is a flavor newly released in 2022.

- Cinnamon: The cinnamon flavor is subtle and rich, with just the right amount of sweetness. According to an Orion official, the sweet cinnamon flavor was discontinued after January 2021 due to internal circumstances. It is not known whether it is completely discontinued or temporary.

- Shrimp: The shrimp flavor is created using authentic shrimp extract and has a savory, somewhat spicy taste. Unfortunately, the shrimp taste has now been discontinued.


Custom Extra Flavors by Country

  • Flamin' lime Turtle chips - U.S.
  • Mexico Barbeque Turtle chips - China


- Flamin' lime Turtle chips: The 'Flamin' Lime flavor,' which is available in the United States, has a spicy and sour taste to it. Probably, it isn't hot for Koreans, but it bears a resemblance to the distinctive spice and sour taste familiar to American consumers. Sam's Club is said to be selling it.

- Mexico Barbecue Turtle chips: A flavor named 'Mexico Barbecue Flavor' was released in China. When you eat Mexican food, it tastes like cumin. Tsuran(cumin) is a spice that Chinese people put on lamb kebabs. It looks like cumin flavor turtle chips have been released since Chinese people enjoy cumin so much.


It's time to try Turtle chips.

All in all, there are a variety of flavors of turtle chips for everyone to enjoy. From the original corn soup flavor to the more adventurous Mexico barbecue flavor, there is sure to be a flavor for everyone to enjoy. So next time you're looking for a snack, be sure to try out some turtle chips! Who knows, you might just find your new favorite flavor.

Did you enjoy this blog post? Then be sure to try out the turtle chips for yourself and let us know what your favorite flavor is in the comments below! Can't wait to hear from you!

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