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  1. Good Day, My name is Okechukwu Chike Charles and I am presently working as a banker in Nigerian but will like the work in south Korea is given the opportunity. I have other stills and I am open for another jobs as I want to continue in the growth of south Korea. Thanks.

  2. I completed masters in human resources management kindly help me m looking for the best job in South Korea

  3. I’ve done my graduation in BBA, and I want to study MBA in South Korea, what preparation should I do? I want to know the full procedure if possible.

  4. I have completed my masters and I am working as a lecturer, so could anyone please help me out by letting me know the process as am looking for the best job in South Korea in education sector.

  5. I was surprised that there were no professions from the IT field in the top 50. How much do software engineers make in South Korea?